The main objective of this library is to make available to scholars of Spanish literature, and users in general, the rewritings and re-readings of the texts and authors of the Cancionero de Baena. It also aims at publicizing the literary and audiovisual products that recreate the time in which it grew, that is, the time of the first Trastámara de Castile. In addition to the interest for research, the information in the database offers didactic possibilities for approaching the literary phenomenon as a process, in constant reinterpretation and rereading from different perspectives and diverse contexts.

TECER offers a double approach to all of this. From the database it is possible to search for parameterized available resources, both in the simple search engine and in the advanced search engine, from different fields: author, genre, period, title. From the main screen you can access the alphabetical list of titles and authors, as well as the files corresponding to each of the entries. From this home page you can also consult the resources (own studies on the works / authors in question, bibliography on the matter and literary illustrations of the titles) and the media library, integrated by polimedia in Spanish and in Spanish sign language.

The project will be developed in several phases. In the first one, the authors, titles and genres that have dealt with the literary court of Enrique III and Juan II will be able to be consulted, both in the literary field in various media (book, periodical publication, sheet…) and in the illustration, in addition to the references to the Baenenses texts with the above-mentioned re-readings and rewritings are related, bibliography, audiovisual resources and pills on the subject.